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Configuration Service and Manual Configuration

MOBOTIX cameras provide a configuration service, which allows other MOBOTIX programs to automatically apply and store changes to the camera configuration. MxEasy, for example, uses this service to apply and store the settings according to the Alarm Planner schedule. This service prevents overwriting certain changes applied by the MOBOTIX programs, which you may be trying to change manually (e.g. via the web interface of the camera).

Caution: If this service has been activated, because the cameras have been integrated into an MxEasy system, changes applied via the camera's web interface can be lost if they collide with the automatic changes.

Deactivating the Configuration Service

In order to resolve this problem, you need to deactivate the configuration service of the camera. You can choose between the following options:

After deactivating the configuration service, you can use the web interface to change the camera configuration.

Activating the Configuration Service

Please follow these instructions if you would like to activate the configuration service again:

  1. Edit the configuration file of the camera:
  2. Look for the configservice section and enter the text enable for the service parameter:

      SECTION configservice

  3. Click on the Accept button to store the change and to close the dialog.
  4. Store the configuration in the camera's Flash memory and reboot the camera.

After activating the configuration service, you can use the MOBOTIX programs (e.g. MxEasy) to apply changes to the camera configuration.

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